An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello Family!

Well this week has been a good one Because I got to see you guys!! (well most of you!) 

So this last week has been super fun and different, definitely the hottest Christmas I have ever had in my life and also the most boring haha. But it was still way fun, we were able to go to some of our investigators for Christmas Dinner, and it was anything fancy, but It was good! They were all just sitting around watching us eat, (they had already eaten).  They  were talking to us and it was just way fun.
I mean I can't say much to them, (still learning the language) especially if it's about the gospel. ha. But they are all so nice and such a great family, they will actually be getting married in about two weeks!! It's going to be awesome! We are so excited for them.
Bro Jun the Head of the Household quit drinking and smoking in about 3-4 Days!! It was so awesome!! He's such an awesome guy, always talking with a huge smile on his face!! He'll be a great member!! We really love him and his family tons! 

Then the day after Christmas I was the one to teach our District meeting, it was about how Patience Brings Hope.
Ha, that's not Ironic at all, because I am not the most patient person in the world, so I just leaned a lot of things about the importance of having patience, and why Heavenly Father really wants us to have patience!! 
What Can I say, Patience is a Virtue! Ha. 

Then finally after the District Meeting I was able to get my Christmas Package from Dad!! It was awesome! Made me feel almost like I was just at home! It was this sweet Helicopter thing that is so fun! I know right, most other Missionaries get like candy and what not from their parents, me I get an AWESOME HELICOPTER haha. I love it! Whenever I have time, during lunch or after daily planning I'll fly it around in our house!! Its the best!! 

So yesterday was a fun day at Church. Our attendance was 144, not super high, But we had 13 Investigators!! That was awesome!! 
At the beginning of church they're like "We don't have a speaker!! Elder Conrow, give a talk!". Ha so that was fun! Went gave a talk off the spot in Tagolish... haha But it was funny... there was this one girl, and every time I would say something in Tagalog she would like, nod her head, like uh huh I understand you ha!

So every time I would look at her for assurance that what I was saying was right! haha It was funny! I don't think anyone understood, because no one really said anything after Sacrament. haha but I did my best!! I mean I only had like 2 minutes to think of what I was going to talk about!! haha

Then later I had to conduct the gospel essentials for the fist time so that was fun! And then my companion and I taught the Doctrine of Christ later in Primary, and that was way fun! and they all understood me, and were yelling answers back to my questions, and it made feel so good!! haha! 

So don't read this part mom, you might just want me to leave the Philippines! haha jk
So last night we were walking to appointment (it was dark) and you have to walk on the side of the highways because there are these booths set up everywhere so you just hug to them so you don't get hit, well there was this motorcycle driver who was passing so he was  coming up right where we were walking, but I didn't see him because I was looking at the ground kicking a rock or something. Then all of a sudden, I see some lights in my peripheral vision, so I look up and there is a motor cycle coming right at me and I hurried and moved out of the way and it missed me by a hair!! The person was drunk or something so that was pretty scary!! Yeah this place is crazy, but I love it! 

Well love ya all, 

love Elder Conrow! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well the time has already come here I am, in the Philippines for my FIRST Christmas truly away from home!

 I pretty much already had all my parties for Christmas, we had one for all the Missionaries here last Wednesday, and that was really awesome! It was fun got to see some of my batch mate from the MTC, who all also are doing horrible in the language, so that's good to know! We learned some awesome things about being more Christlike from the mission president!! He's really an awesome guy!! Then we had our Branch Christmas party!! That was fun and very very different than anything you would see in America, it was way fun... and a lot of less actives showed up, Ironic? Not at all! haha. It was great and everyone is so nice, saying, "eat more... eat", ha it was a lot of fun! 

Because we had two parties for Christmas, we hadn't taught much, we weren't going to reach our goals. On Saturday we cranked it out and got 23 LESSONS ha it was crazy hard, but way fun!! They were all really good lessons!! 

 Missionary work is hard -you want to just cry sometimes! But it's the best!! And I know that I am learning A LOT from it! Even if i don't feel like I am at times!! 

 I hope you all have a great Christmas, even though I am not there! Enjoy all the great stuff without me, and don't cry too much because I am not there!! haha. Because I know you all will! haha. Well mahal Ko kayo!

 Sorry no pictures this week... but next week for sure!! Can't get them off my camera! Well sorry kind of a short boring email, love y'all tons, and Talk to ya soon!! :)

 LOVE, Elder Conrow!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hey Family

Hello y'all not much time as always!! 

We've had a really great week and I love being out here even though some days I get very frustrated with myself and the work! (Mostly myself and the language!) So this last week we have had some awesome experiences! I just want to say that I am so thankful for the Priesthood power that has been restored to the earth through Joseph Smith, I've already seen and been lucky to be part of some amazing experiences!! I really love being out here! Being a missionary goes beyond sharing the gospel, and I never really knew that till now, where I am experiencing it all first hand!!
So I cant believe that is is CHRISTMAS next week! it just doesn't feel like Christmas without the snow!! But they really LOVE Christmas here, it's really great. Everyone here is so nice and wants to have us over, so that will be fun! We have two Christmas parties this week! and then a couple dinner appointments. So that will be fun, I am sure this week will just fly like they all do!
Hope everyone is doing well! 
I appreciate all the emails and love! I try to always right back to everyone but its hard some times! So if I don't or haven't shoot me another email saying don't forget me!!! 

The Philippines are great, and hopefully some one in our family becomes RICH!! Then we can all come and visit here! So what you wipe with your hand... Oh wait have I not told you guys that one yet? haha You could maybe eat some dog! haha joking, I don't eat that, but I do eat lot of weird stuff! haha.

Oh and we also have two baptisms this week!  I'm really excited for that! I can't wait,  we should have hopefully seven more next month!! 

So the work is going really well here!!
Well Love ya all!!

Elder Conrow

Here are some pics of random stuff!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hellooo Everyone!

Well This week has been really a great one, super busy and feeling that I never have enough time! 

But I really love it here in the Philippines. I've been blessed to serve in such a different place and to realize how lucky we are here in America!! And its now coming to that time of year that we all love so much, including myself...and that is Christmas!! A great Holiday to remember our great Redeemer, Jesus Christ! 

The other day we got to listen to the Christmas Devotional given by The Fist Presidency of the church  and it was so awesome, it just reminded me of how important it is to give and not just try to give back the bigger and better present, but to show our gratitude, and remember even if its not the biggest most expensive or greatest Gift, if it is given of the heart, than that is all that matters and we need to show gratitude! Anyways that's my little thought and feeling on Christmas this week!

Also this week has been a really great one, I have learned a lot great things, and was able to learn some great things from my mission president! He is a awesome guys! I really love it here in the Philippines! Everything is awesome except some of the food!! haha. But I love and miss all of you guys and think about you often, when I have time!! haha! 

Here are some pictures of this last week, the American is Elder Jordan Zornes, who comes home this Wednesday, and he'll be in Ogden for a day or two for his brothers and Graduation at Weber State, so if you see him, I am sure he will love to tell you how awesome I am doing!! haha! jk 

But any ways Mahal ko Kayo!! (love you all) 

Elder Conrow! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hey Family!! I mean Kumusta..? Sana mabuti tayong Lahat Tayo..

Well, this week has been really good!!

We have some awesome investigators that are doing really well!! It really is such a great place here! I have some trouble with the language and what not, but I will take that difficulty over some the of the challenges other missionaries face... such as hard hearted people and what not!

These people are so humble, and willing to listen to something that will change their lives forever, literally!! And I am thankful for the opportunity to serve these people! 

So this last week, I ate BALUT!! If you don't know what it is, look it up! It was... different!! haha 

Also, these evil dogs were about to attack me, so what I did was bend down, like I was going to pick up a rock and they took off running. Haha, then they came back, so then you throw the rock, and they wont come back at all!! Haha, it's  funny! Although, some are real crazy, so I have  to be careful!! 

Anyway Mahal ko kayong lahat!! 
Love, Elder Conrow

Here are some pics of Balut and the week!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mahal ko kayo! Miss na miss!

Hey everyone!! another week gone!! again!! 

              Well, this week has been a really great one. We had some great lessons to some really great investigators that are progressing, all have been great so far! We know that some have problems with the word of wisdom, but we know that they have been prepared by the Lord, and that they will be able to overcome and conquer their addictions! So cant wait to see how that goes! 

This last week has been busy way busy! But that's how this work gets done! We set a new record in our ward with attendance with 191!! It was so so packed! But it was awesome to see all these people and families at church together, as a family! It made me so happy! And when people would tell us good job, I'd say its not us, its the Lord!! Because It really is and we have been very blessed!

           I've learned a lot about how important members are to work with the Missionaries!! So to all that are reading this, work with the missionaries in you area!! They could really use the help, I know that we could! There is so much that has to be done, and it gets overwhelming sometimes, and its so nice when the ward members come in and help!! Its a very nice lift off the shoulders!! 

         So this week I got to go on exchanges with the District Leader, that was way fun!! Went to a new area and saw what it was like! Except no one told me it was for 24 hours!! So i didn't have any spare clothes!! Ha but that was a fun experience!!

        Also, all you that said I was going to get skinny here... it's not true, I am getting fat!  People won't stop trying to feed me here! One day, we had to huge lunches right after another, and you have to eat or you will offend somebody! So I try to work out everyday, and what not, but its not doing much... haha

 Well that's it!!

The life of an Elder!

Love Elder Conrow

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey Ya'll!!

Okay well short on time! 

This week has been really good! Very busy! We had great attendance at church again!! We went on a awesome hike! 

Did a good service project! 

I wish I had more time but...I am all out!! 
Here are some pictures!

 Thousands words each, right? haha

Elder Conrow
Mahal Kayo!! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kamusta pamilya at Mga Kaibigan

Hey everyone!! 

Well I am sure everyone right now is either in bed or about to go to bed, enjoying the brisk weather of November!! And I  am here in the Philippines melting away!! And loving every bit of it! So we have a really great area Santo Tomas! Its got some really great members and investigators!! we had and all time record with church attendance yesterday! It was 169 and average is around 115 i think! and we had so many other great numbers, I wont brag because I know its not because of me but it was truly a blessing to have all the great success we had this week! 

 So something that has really hit me is how blessed we are to live in America, even someone that is considered poor has some much more than the average Filipino! we really are so lucky! and the people are so nice always giving so much when they have so little, I really know I can learn a lot from these people, I will not lie it is hard out here these first couple weeks, hearing about all the good times home, but I know this is where I am suppose to be. I love it because the reward In my heart feel when these people have so much joy when they feel the truth of our message!! 

And one think I love is the people drive here like so crazy, but its so much more efficient than America!! haha I wish I had a car here because they drive how I like to drive! haha. its actually reminds me of Jace ha! he'd love it here! weaving in and out of traffic! and its legal!! Thats the best part! haha! But yeah I do really love it here! 

Elder Conrow

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Am In The Philippines!

Family! Friends... all kindreds!! ha

Wow I am in the Philippines!! 

The Time has come!! Lets see so much has happened this last week, lots of flying, meeting new people and saying good bye!! So I got my New companion elder Hernandez. He's a great guy, who is speaks pretty good English (Local). Were in the St.Tomas Area... one of the hottest of the Philippines... :( But its okay I really love it here!! The people are all super nice and are all so so so happy!! So I thought I knew a little bit of the language from the MTC but I was mistaken, when I heard them talk, it sounds like Chinese because they all speak so dang fast!! But everyone is all so nice! I really love the people so much!! The people are so nice and charitable giving so much when they have so little to give. They'll always by us drinks and snacks, and you cant refuse because that is there culture! And the little kids are so funny, and try to teach me new Word in Tagalog. And when ever they see me they'll be like Con-row row, row your boat! hahaha its so funny! I love it so much! And then its like being in Ogden, because I see these ghetto rice burner civics everywhere! and its just like home!! ha!

                Ha and also I feel so tall here!! Everyone just about is way shorter than me!! So thats a first, just gotta enjoy while I can! And lets see I get a lot of heads turned because I am a white americano, that is dressed up in church clothes! ha so that funny!! I get called Guapo a lot by members... and i'll just say no!! My companion is!! haha it was so funny because they asked there daughter who was a little girl like 3 or 4 and they are like who is guapo, and they told her to pick out of three of us, and she pointed at me!! ha she was so cute, and then I did a magic trick with a coin ( the only one I know) and she liked that a lot! ha the kids and all the people are so great here!!! I really love them! Oh and everything is so cheap here... I should have not bought anything in america!! like a soda is 7 Pesos mabe 10 or 15 sometimes!! Like its really cheap!! because Only 42 peso's is one dollar!Love Elder ConrowP.S I honestly dont know what pictures these are because I cant see them before I can send them... welcome to the philippines!! haha jk

Elder Conrow

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can You Say Flight Plans!


So less than a week I am going to begin my flight home!! (my new home)

I cant believe it!! I am so excited, and nervous... 
Mostly because I don't know any the language!! At least it feels that way!! haha I hear I could get a native who wont speak English!! So that would be very interesting!! Ha this last week has just been busy busy cram cram... which... isn't helping me to memorize much!! But I am sure, once I am out there, it will all start to make sense after about two years!! haha just kidding. I am not super worried! I cant wait to go out and give some Filipino's what I have!! The Totoo (true) Gospel!!

 Man, I don't have really any time!! So much to do!! Got to start packing!!! Crazy!!

I love you all tons and tons!! Thanks for everything you do for me!! Sorry I cant get any pictures up this week!!

Elder Conrow :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

13 Days!

Wow time doesn't stop!!

 I cant believe that I fly out here in not to long!!! 
Things are going well here... But I think that the Philippines are calling my name... I can't wait to go!! Bless the MTC... But it gets kind of boring after 8 weeks!! hah. But lets see so last week we had Elder David Bednar! That was really awesome he taught us how to get more out of General Conference! Things are going well in the MTC, Learning a lot... and learning to love a lot, its awesome.
 I am thankful for the gospel and everything it has done in my life, cant wait to go teach it!! Its going to be so awesome!!! We were learning about teaching people, not lessons, the other day, and it just made me realize that memorized lessons wont teach people, but showing people that I actually care, and want to share what I have, that will teach better than being a scholar of everything about the church! 
Well not much time....again! ha
gotta go!! Here are some pictures of first the awesome awesome package that I got from Tairah!!! 
So NICE!! :) then Elder Park with super powers and Elder Lomu sleeping in the air!!! haha

Elder Conrow

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pamilya at mga kaibigan!!

Pamilya at mga kaibigan!!
Hey everyone!! So wow General Conference was so so awesome!! I am so happy too!! Now sisters can serve at 19!! An elder at 18!!! haha That's so awesome!! Now I am telling everyone that when I get home I am going to marry a RM (sister) for sure!! haha
Dahil (because) there will probably be so many more because of the age change!! And yeah there was so much awesome stuff at General Conference, but I don't have a lot of time as always, and assuming most of you watched it, then I won't elaborate on it too much other than It was really good!! So how is everyone doing!!?? Ash sent a bunch of pics of the kids, and that was awesome!! Morgan is getting so big!! Its crazy how fast time is really going... Soon I'll be in the Philippines~!! I cant wait! Other than I am not good at speaking in Tagalog!! But... it'll come... haha evenutally..!! 
Oh so on Sunday, we had Chad Lewis come speak to us (he some ex pro football player, who went so BYU) and he gave the best talk, about just giving it your all...actually it was more like a motivational speech!! haha but it was way good!! Everything is going good, although, I can't wait for the Philippines!!! That will be awesome!! Anyways write me!!! Love ya all!!
Love Elder Conrow!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can You Say 13 Pounds!?!

Kumusta po ang pamiliya/friends??

 Well another week down already!!  I don't know how but I have put on a lot of weight for the first time in my life!!! ha ha. It is so crazy how fast time is going by here!! I love it all!! 

We are learning so many great things here!! Including the few things I know about the language! ha ha. Lets see... so this last past week I've just been going through the routine!! 

Had some great talks on Sunday, and a great lesson about receiving revelation during church yesterday!! It made me realize how important church is and that we kind of just take it for granted some times, or think we need to go for just the sacrament... which is part of it, but not all of it!! It's where we are able to receive personal revelation. To not just feel the spirit, but be filled with the spirit.. and yes there is a difference!! So yeah that's my little spiritual thought of the week.

Anyway some of those awesome people that love me sent me some care packages that I am so appreciative of!! I don't have enough time to thank you on email, but expect some hand written love in the mail here in not to long!! :)  So lets see... um well I guess I can tell you about my Kasama.. he's a nice guy.... but being around someone 24/7... yeah... that's fun!! ha ha but he really is an awesome guy.. he's from alpine and hes a cool guy... anyways thats it!! nothing to crazy since i am still in the MTC!!!

Love ELder Conrow~!!! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Almost A Month


Well time is flying still soon I'll be in the Philippines and than I'll be home... that's what we all say at the MTC anyways haha!! So yeah not much really going on the Just the norm going to class all day everyday!! But its way... fun... haha but really its cool to learn a new language!!! but Insanely hard!! But we have a pretty cool district so we get together pretty well!! And we are always just having a good time trying to come up with riddles and games when have free time, or we will come with some lame jokes in Tagalog and yeah its pretty funny! haha but let's see so we have been also working with our "investigators" ( there like our teachers that we teach in Tagalog) so that's been fun and hard but it helps us get down the Language. anyways out of time so gotta go!! Seriously.... write me or there will be consequences! haha

Love Elder Conrow! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wow Almost Week Three!

Kumusta po ang pamiliya ko~!!!! How are ya all!! Well, how is everyone? 

Thanks for the letters I really appreciate that!! It makes life way better when i got stuff to read!! 

Anyhow so much has happened in the last week, I gave my first blessing to someone in my District, and it was a such an awesome experience! 
Yeah wow, this place is great, and so fun! But it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of focus, its all so worth it! 

The language is so so so hard, but I know if i do my best that I'll be blessed.

Let's see... so people come and volunteer at the MTC to be taught by missionaries in their language (Tagalog), and we teach them and it's fun!! 
It's such a great experience!!! But yeah so that was fun, then we practice in class and I got to do it ONCE in English and it was so cool, because we could feel the spirit way more! ha.

Also we got to listen to a talk by this guy name Tracy, who talked about the Book of Mormon play. He showed us a clip... and it totally makes fun of Mormons, but he said its okay, because we fought back with some awesome ads he showed us that really got the word around about Mormon's!! 

You should Google "I am Mormon ads in New York", I am sure you'd get some awesome results!!! Its really amazing how it all works out!  I am a way slow typer ha ha!! If you hand-wirite me a letter I can hand-write back!! I have plenty of time for that!!!

Well love ya'll tons!!!
Elder Conrow
aka CONvict on death ROW!!
ha ha a little joke we made about my name!!! ha ha

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Six Days In The MTC!

Ha Well its almost been one WEEK!! 

Crazy... right!! haha anyways so yeah this place is awesome!! 

Food is good and plenty sleep is few and little and I love everyone in my district!! I really have an amazing district!! I love all of them like crazy... even my comp!! But me and him go together really well. He's kinda Like really anal about things, but he is an awesome kid! he really knows whats up and I don't think I could ask for a better comp!   And yeah back to life here in the MTC... so were obviously learning Tagalog, and I mean its quick!! Because they just pretty much throw you under the bus, and than they give you "investigator" and you have to teach them, in your mission language!! haha so we are teaching sister Zaballa, and she is a toughie, but were getting to her!! So we taught her our 3rd lesson yesterday, and so the goal in our district has been for her to pray, and well me and my comp were the only ones to get her to pray, probably because I taught her!! haha It was so awesome!! Oh and tell the girls hi and i love them and their cuteness!! haha I bet there prayers are awesome!! haha
 And tell PEOPLE on FB to right me!!

 Oh and tell Dave that he is my favorite right now, because he sent me some donuts! and no one else has done a thing!! haha any ways just let me know if you need anything else from me!!! 

Love Elder Conrow 

here are some pics!!