An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well the time has already come here I am, in the Philippines for my FIRST Christmas truly away from home!

 I pretty much already had all my parties for Christmas, we had one for all the Missionaries here last Wednesday, and that was really awesome! It was fun got to see some of my batch mate from the MTC, who all also are doing horrible in the language, so that's good to know! We learned some awesome things about being more Christlike from the mission president!! He's really an awesome guy!! Then we had our Branch Christmas party!! That was fun and very very different than anything you would see in America, it was way fun... and a lot of less actives showed up, Ironic? Not at all! haha. It was great and everyone is so nice, saying, "eat more... eat", ha it was a lot of fun! 

Because we had two parties for Christmas, we hadn't taught much, we weren't going to reach our goals. On Saturday we cranked it out and got 23 LESSONS ha it was crazy hard, but way fun!! They were all really good lessons!! 

 Missionary work is hard -you want to just cry sometimes! But it's the best!! And I know that I am learning A LOT from it! Even if i don't feel like I am at times!! 

 I hope you all have a great Christmas, even though I am not there! Enjoy all the great stuff without me, and don't cry too much because I am not there!! haha. Because I know you all will! haha. Well mahal Ko kayo!

 Sorry no pictures this week... but next week for sure!! Can't get them off my camera! Well sorry kind of a short boring email, love y'all tons, and Talk to ya soon!! :)

 LOVE, Elder Conrow!!

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