An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can You Say Flight Plans!


So less than a week I am going to begin my flight home!! (my new home)

I cant believe it!! I am so excited, and nervous... 
Mostly because I don't know any the language!! At least it feels that way!! haha I hear I could get a native who wont speak English!! So that would be very interesting!! Ha this last week has just been busy busy cram cram... which... isn't helping me to memorize much!! But I am sure, once I am out there, it will all start to make sense after about two years!! haha just kidding. I am not super worried! I cant wait to go out and give some Filipino's what I have!! The Totoo (true) Gospel!!

 Man, I don't have really any time!! So much to do!! Got to start packing!!! Crazy!!

I love you all tons and tons!! Thanks for everything you do for me!! Sorry I cant get any pictures up this week!!

Elder Conrow :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

13 Days!

Wow time doesn't stop!!

 I cant believe that I fly out here in not to long!!! 
Things are going well here... But I think that the Philippines are calling my name... I can't wait to go!! Bless the MTC... But it gets kind of boring after 8 weeks!! hah. But lets see so last week we had Elder David Bednar! That was really awesome he taught us how to get more out of General Conference! Things are going well in the MTC, Learning a lot... and learning to love a lot, its awesome.
 I am thankful for the gospel and everything it has done in my life, cant wait to go teach it!! Its going to be so awesome!!! We were learning about teaching people, not lessons, the other day, and it just made me realize that memorized lessons wont teach people, but showing people that I actually care, and want to share what I have, that will teach better than being a scholar of everything about the church! 
Well not much time....again! ha
gotta go!! Here are some pictures of first the awesome awesome package that I got from Tairah!!! 
So NICE!! :) then Elder Park with super powers and Elder Lomu sleeping in the air!!! haha

Elder Conrow

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pamilya at mga kaibigan!!

Pamilya at mga kaibigan!!
Hey everyone!! So wow General Conference was so so awesome!! I am so happy too!! Now sisters can serve at 19!! An elder at 18!!! haha That's so awesome!! Now I am telling everyone that when I get home I am going to marry a RM (sister) for sure!! haha
Dahil (because) there will probably be so many more because of the age change!! And yeah there was so much awesome stuff at General Conference, but I don't have a lot of time as always, and assuming most of you watched it, then I won't elaborate on it too much other than It was really good!! So how is everyone doing!!?? Ash sent a bunch of pics of the kids, and that was awesome!! Morgan is getting so big!! Its crazy how fast time is really going... Soon I'll be in the Philippines~!! I cant wait! Other than I am not good at speaking in Tagalog!! But... it'll come... haha evenutally..!! 
Oh so on Sunday, we had Chad Lewis come speak to us (he some ex pro football player, who went so BYU) and he gave the best talk, about just giving it your all...actually it was more like a motivational speech!! haha but it was way good!! Everything is going good, although, I can't wait for the Philippines!!! That will be awesome!! Anyways write me!!! Love ya all!!
Love Elder Conrow!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can You Say 13 Pounds!?!

Kumusta po ang pamiliya/friends??

 Well another week down already!!  I don't know how but I have put on a lot of weight for the first time in my life!!! ha ha. It is so crazy how fast time is going by here!! I love it all!! 

We are learning so many great things here!! Including the few things I know about the language! ha ha. Lets see... so this last past week I've just been going through the routine!! 

Had some great talks on Sunday, and a great lesson about receiving revelation during church yesterday!! It made me realize how important church is and that we kind of just take it for granted some times, or think we need to go for just the sacrament... which is part of it, but not all of it!! It's where we are able to receive personal revelation. To not just feel the spirit, but be filled with the spirit.. and yes there is a difference!! So yeah that's my little spiritual thought of the week.

Anyway some of those awesome people that love me sent me some care packages that I am so appreciative of!! I don't have enough time to thank you on email, but expect some hand written love in the mail here in not to long!! :)  So lets see... um well I guess I can tell you about my Kasama.. he's a nice guy.... but being around someone 24/7... yeah... that's fun!! ha ha but he really is an awesome guy.. he's from alpine and hes a cool guy... anyways thats it!! nothing to crazy since i am still in the MTC!!!

Love ELder Conrow~!!!