An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hey Everyone!! 

So Hope all is going well back In America! 

Its been crazy hot here lately and Just getting hotter, I am not a big fan of that... we have been busy busy, no time to rest. But sure loving it, this last week we had a marriage and baptism right after we married the couple, it was really awesome, I was here when we started to teach them, it was a little bit of a long Process, but it was so awesome, there were so many Member there to support them, and it was so crazy and stressful, because there was no water or power because there was a brown out. A normal occurrence that happens here, so it was a little on the stressful side, because we were gathering water from every available resource to fill the baptismal font, But we did and it was a awesome day!! The marriage was so awesome, now just one year until they can go to the temple!!  Which is super exciting, then after everything they bore their testimony, and it was so awesome, they are so awesome. I'll add some pictures from the big day. 

But let see all this last week, we taught this LA who hadn't been to church in 5 years and me and my companion before had taught her a decent amount of times, then we stopped teaching her because she didn't want to go to church because she was offended I guess. But then some time later, I felt that we should Visit her, and we gave a good lesson about forgiving others and then I told her about this story LDS.Org, it so awesome Here's the link  so you should watch it, I mean really watch it not just read the link and think about it ha. But then she came to church and it was so awesome! It was so cool, and I could see that she liked being back, everyone was talking to her, see how she was and all the nice fuzzy stuff that people like to hear from others! So that was so awesome. But wait it gets better, so her Tatay, or dad is less active also, and he normally doesn't want to listen, because in his mind the purpose of missionaries is to teach those that aren't members only. But one day he decided to let us teach him, so we decided to talk about the atonement, and shared with that no one is perfect of course, but because of the atonement we can all become clean and return with our Heavenly Father, and after I said that, he was kind of quiet, looking at the ground, and then he looked up he said, I forgot... I forgot that we are not perfect, and that we have mistakes. Or in other words, he has mistakes, but they can be cleansed through the atonement. And the spirit was so strong, and it was just a great lesson, it hard to explain all the feelings that were there, but it was really awesome. 

So this last week has been really busy, but it has been so awesome at time just flies as I get lost in the Lords work!!! 

And here on some pics of the stuff of that has happen this last week. 

Well I love you all! 
Elder Conrow

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hey You All

So This last week has been really good, we had a Mission tour With Elder Nielson this last week, and that was really cool, and at the end he let everyone ask him whatever question  we wanted and it was cool. He got really deep into some stuff and it was really cool, I learned a lot from.

So right now as I am sitting in this Ghetto computer shop where is super hot, the keyboard
 I am using barely works and there are little 12 yr old kids playing their video games yelling in a language I can barely understand.

 I realized that THIS IS AWESOME, when else or where else would I get to see the other side of the world and serve the lord.... No where. As hard as it is to be a missionary and to learn to do a million things, its so great. This last couple of week have been hard because I have been getting a lot less lessons than before but I am still seeing blessing in our mission work, we found some new investigators that will be really awesome, and then we have some people that still need a little more preparation tell they are going to be ready. But its okay because I know that the Lord will bless us if we do what he asks. This last week also, I think we gave more Priesthood blessing than ever before! And I was just thinking... we are so blessed because being members we have the power to bless the lives of others! It's truly a blessing! 
So I know this is the true church! So great!!!Sorry for this short email, but this keyboard sucks, and it really hard to write!! 

Love ya all a tons!! 
Elder Conrow