An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can You Say Flight Plans!


So less than a week I am going to begin my flight home!! (my new home)

I cant believe it!! I am so excited, and nervous... 
Mostly because I don't know any the language!! At least it feels that way!! haha I hear I could get a native who wont speak English!! So that would be very interesting!! Ha this last week has just been busy busy cram cram... which... isn't helping me to memorize much!! But I am sure, once I am out there, it will all start to make sense after about two years!! haha just kidding. I am not super worried! I cant wait to go out and give some Filipino's what I have!! The Totoo (true) Gospel!!

 Man, I don't have really any time!! So much to do!! Got to start packing!!! Crazy!!

I love you all tons and tons!! Thanks for everything you do for me!! Sorry I cant get any pictures up this week!!

Elder Conrow :)

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