An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Am In The Philippines!

Family! Friends... all kindreds!! ha

Wow I am in the Philippines!! 

The Time has come!! Lets see so much has happened this last week, lots of flying, meeting new people and saying good bye!! So I got my New companion elder Hernandez. He's a great guy, who is speaks pretty good English (Local). Were in the St.Tomas Area... one of the hottest of the Philippines... :( But its okay I really love it here!! The people are all super nice and are all so so so happy!! So I thought I knew a little bit of the language from the MTC but I was mistaken, when I heard them talk, it sounds like Chinese because they all speak so dang fast!! But everyone is all so nice! I really love the people so much!! The people are so nice and charitable giving so much when they have so little to give. They'll always by us drinks and snacks, and you cant refuse because that is there culture! And the little kids are so funny, and try to teach me new Word in Tagalog. And when ever they see me they'll be like Con-row row, row your boat! hahaha its so funny! I love it so much! And then its like being in Ogden, because I see these ghetto rice burner civics everywhere! and its just like home!! ha!

                Ha and also I feel so tall here!! Everyone just about is way shorter than me!! So thats a first, just gotta enjoy while I can! And lets see I get a lot of heads turned because I am a white americano, that is dressed up in church clothes! ha so that funny!! I get called Guapo a lot by members... and i'll just say no!! My companion is!! haha it was so funny because they asked there daughter who was a little girl like 3 or 4 and they are like who is guapo, and they told her to pick out of three of us, and she pointed at me!! ha she was so cute, and then I did a magic trick with a coin ( the only one I know) and she liked that a lot! ha the kids and all the people are so great here!!! I really love them! Oh and everything is so cheap here... I should have not bought anything in america!! like a soda is 7 Pesos mabe 10 or 15 sometimes!! Like its really cheap!! because Only 42 peso's is one dollar!Love Elder ConrowP.S I honestly dont know what pictures these are because I cant see them before I can send them... welcome to the philippines!! haha jk

Elder Conrow

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