An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mahal ko kayo! Miss na miss!

Hey everyone!! another week gone!! again!! 

              Well, this week has been a really great one. We had some great lessons to some really great investigators that are progressing, all have been great so far! We know that some have problems with the word of wisdom, but we know that they have been prepared by the Lord, and that they will be able to overcome and conquer their addictions! So cant wait to see how that goes! 

This last week has been busy way busy! But that's how this work gets done! We set a new record in our ward with attendance with 191!! It was so so packed! But it was awesome to see all these people and families at church together, as a family! It made me so happy! And when people would tell us good job, I'd say its not us, its the Lord!! Because It really is and we have been very blessed!

           I've learned a lot about how important members are to work with the Missionaries!! So to all that are reading this, work with the missionaries in you area!! They could really use the help, I know that we could! There is so much that has to be done, and it gets overwhelming sometimes, and its so nice when the ward members come in and help!! Its a very nice lift off the shoulders!! 

         So this week I got to go on exchanges with the District Leader, that was way fun!! Went to a new area and saw what it was like! Except no one told me it was for 24 hours!! So i didn't have any spare clothes!! Ha but that was a fun experience!!

        Also, all you that said I was going to get skinny here... it's not true, I am getting fat!  People won't stop trying to feed me here! One day, we had to huge lunches right after another, and you have to eat or you will offend somebody! So I try to work out everyday, and what not, but its not doing much... haha

 Well that's it!!

The life of an Elder!

Love Elder Conrow

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