An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hey Family

Hello y'all not much time as always!! 

We've had a really great week and I love being out here even though some days I get very frustrated with myself and the work! (Mostly myself and the language!) So this last week we have had some awesome experiences! I just want to say that I am so thankful for the Priesthood power that has been restored to the earth through Joseph Smith, I've already seen and been lucky to be part of some amazing experiences!! I really love being out here! Being a missionary goes beyond sharing the gospel, and I never really knew that till now, where I am experiencing it all first hand!!
So I cant believe that is is CHRISTMAS next week! it just doesn't feel like Christmas without the snow!! But they really LOVE Christmas here, it's really great. Everyone here is so nice and wants to have us over, so that will be fun! We have two Christmas parties this week! and then a couple dinner appointments. So that will be fun, I am sure this week will just fly like they all do!
Hope everyone is doing well! 
I appreciate all the emails and love! I try to always right back to everyone but its hard some times! So if I don't or haven't shoot me another email saying don't forget me!!! 

The Philippines are great, and hopefully some one in our family becomes RICH!! Then we can all come and visit here! So what you wipe with your hand... Oh wait have I not told you guys that one yet? haha You could maybe eat some dog! haha joking, I don't eat that, but I do eat lot of weird stuff! haha.

Oh and we also have two baptisms this week!  I'm really excited for that! I can't wait,  we should have hopefully seven more next month!! 

So the work is going really well here!!
Well Love ya all!!

Elder Conrow

Here are some pics of random stuff!

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