An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hellooo Everyone!

Well This week has been really a great one, super busy and feeling that I never have enough time! 

But I really love it here in the Philippines. I've been blessed to serve in such a different place and to realize how lucky we are here in America!! And its now coming to that time of year that we all love so much, including myself...and that is Christmas!! A great Holiday to remember our great Redeemer, Jesus Christ! 

The other day we got to listen to the Christmas Devotional given by The Fist Presidency of the church  and it was so awesome, it just reminded me of how important it is to give and not just try to give back the bigger and better present, but to show our gratitude, and remember even if its not the biggest most expensive or greatest Gift, if it is given of the heart, than that is all that matters and we need to show gratitude! Anyways that's my little thought and feeling on Christmas this week!

Also this week has been a really great one, I have learned a lot great things, and was able to learn some great things from my mission president! He is a awesome guys! I really love it here in the Philippines! Everything is awesome except some of the food!! haha. But I love and miss all of you guys and think about you often, when I have time!! haha! 

Here are some pictures of this last week, the American is Elder Jordan Zornes, who comes home this Wednesday, and he'll be in Ogden for a day or two for his brothers and Graduation at Weber State, so if you see him, I am sure he will love to tell you how awesome I am doing!! haha! jk 

But any ways Mahal ko Kayo!! (love you all) 

Elder Conrow! 

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