An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wow Almost Week Three!

Kumusta po ang pamiliya ko~!!!! How are ya all!! Well, how is everyone? 

Thanks for the letters I really appreciate that!! It makes life way better when i got stuff to read!! 

Anyhow so much has happened in the last week, I gave my first blessing to someone in my District, and it was a such an awesome experience! 
Yeah wow, this place is great, and so fun! But it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of focus, its all so worth it! 

The language is so so so hard, but I know if i do my best that I'll be blessed.

Let's see... so people come and volunteer at the MTC to be taught by missionaries in their language (Tagalog), and we teach them and it's fun!! 
It's such a great experience!!! But yeah so that was fun, then we practice in class and I got to do it ONCE in English and it was so cool, because we could feel the spirit way more! ha.

Also we got to listen to a talk by this guy name Tracy, who talked about the Book of Mormon play. He showed us a clip... and it totally makes fun of Mormons, but he said its okay, because we fought back with some awesome ads he showed us that really got the word around about Mormon's!! 

You should Google "I am Mormon ads in New York", I am sure you'd get some awesome results!!! Its really amazing how it all works out!  I am a way slow typer ha ha!! If you hand-wirite me a letter I can hand-write back!! I have plenty of time for that!!!

Well love ya'll tons!!!
Elder Conrow
aka CONvict on death ROW!!
ha ha a little joke we made about my name!!! ha ha

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