An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Almost A Month


Well time is flying still soon I'll be in the Philippines and than I'll be home... that's what we all say at the MTC anyways haha!! So yeah not much really going on the Just the norm going to class all day everyday!! But its way... fun... haha but really its cool to learn a new language!!! but Insanely hard!! But we have a pretty cool district so we get together pretty well!! And we are always just having a good time trying to come up with riddles and games when have free time, or we will come with some lame jokes in Tagalog and yeah its pretty funny! haha but let's see so we have been also working with our "investigators" ( there like our teachers that we teach in Tagalog) so that's been fun and hard but it helps us get down the Language. anyways out of time so gotta go!! Seriously.... write me or there will be consequences! haha

Love Elder Conrow! 

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