An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Sunday, January 27, 2013


So I wish I had lots a of time, but I am running short on it because I am not leading the area (So stressful!!) So I have to update a lot of stuff!! Fun stuff... I know, right?

Anyways a lot has happened so I'll tell you really quick while I have time, so I got a new companion, he's a stud, walks fast, works hard! And all that good stuff!! So its been really fun, even though its so hard to lead the area, or in other words, take charge of everything, its been fun, I am learning a lot!! Its been a whole different world, but that's okay- I love it! The other day we were able to teach that young girl I was telling you guys about last week, and she is awesome, she just keeps telling us how she wants to go on a mission, that's really good!!  I have a lot to do! and I am sorry that I haven't written you all back yet!! I will next week, because it will be less busy!! 

Sana...!! haha 
Well, remember that the church IS true! It's so important for all of us keep moving forward! I know, even when I just want to sit down and take a break, I know I cant we have to move on!!

 Alright well I got things to do! Pray that  I never come a District leader or Zone leader because then I will never have any time!! 

Love ya all tons!!

Elder CONROW!! 

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