An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Magtiis Hanggang Wakas!!

Happy new year FAMILY'n'Friends! 

Well the new year is hear, people are setting goals to lose weight, become Millionaires, Find that Special some one and so on... you all know how it goes :) haha. But me, my goals are needless to say a little different than what goals would Normally be! And I don't even really know why! haha jk.

So how is everyone doing!! Hope all is well in Bitter Cold Utah, and Montana for My Pappy!
So this last week has been a really good one, at first it was a little hard, because we had to just sit in our apartment for the new years Because it is so CRAZY here holy cow I have never seen anything like it in my entire life! Just to add few things ha: everyone is drunk, Singing Karaoke! and shooting off huge and illegal fireworks tell like one in the morning! And drive like maniacs! at that is why we had to be home by six!! haha!! Just you can all have small idea of why it was so crazy.

I didn't get much sleep! Definitely different than quiet little Huntsville town!

So this Last week I have really noticed how Important it is to endure to the end, really, there are so many things we have to do to keep are selves active and participating in the church! I know that if we can all do our best in this life, even if it's so hard and seems like you can't do it, it will be so worth it in the next life! Everyday we need to read our scriptures and pray! Go the extra mile, as mom would say, (but not just while your cleaning haha). Endure the trials of this life! 

 I love you all!! And hope that you continue to endure to the end!! 

Thanks so much for the examplse you have been in my life!! I love you tons and I sure I miss you, this two years is Important... I can give families a chance to be together forever!! 
I know this work is true! I know that everyone needs this Gospel and that it can change lives!!

Mahal Ko Kayo!! So Talaga Magtiis Hanggang Wakas! Well Kita kits Mamaya Buwaya


Elder Conrow!
ps- pictures of a exchange in a different area and then some other stuff that I forgot! haha

Oh I also made a really good fruit salad with that Mango!! They are The best here! Mango!!! So good!!  

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