An Elder In Angeles

An Elder In Angeles

Monday, January 21, 2013

Magandang araw!eo

Hey Every one! How goes it? 

So this last week has been really good! Like all of them of course! I had a chance to go on splits with District leader, because I am new and he has to see how I am doing and what not, it was super good, I had to lead all the lessons and everything so... that was kind of cool, we had 14 Lesson that day! It was good! Not that that is above the average for my area, but it was just way fun to lead all of the lessons! It was probably the most Tagalog I have spoken in one day in my whole mission ha, my brain hurt after that one. But it was way fun, we have some good investigators we've been blessed here in our area! 

The other day we visited a recent convert who has a daughter that has been taught all the lessons (before I got to the area) and she just never wanted be baptized, she has been content with her life the way it is, I guess you could say. She went to work somewhere close to Manila this last couple weeks, she returned and I could just tell something was different, she went to church there, which was kind of a shocker. So I after I heard that she was back home, I told here to come to church here! And she kinda smiled, like okay, so then I said, every Sunday!! I told her I would see her there, then we had to leave. She was there, as well as two other family members of hers that are investigators. It was so awesome! So then after church, she told my companion and I, that she talked to Sister Missionaries and youth members, while she was there for work. Then she told us after church she wants to serve a mission (She's 17 almost 18)!! And we are like, wait-what??... you need to get baptised first!! She doesn't want to get baptised yet, she thinks she needs some time, to change her life style, so we haven't taught her yet, but me and my comp were talking and we're thinking we can help her be ready in 1-2 months!! That will be really fun to teach her and help her work toward baptism and a MISSION- it'll be awesome!!

So that's just a little awesome story I wanted to share, I'll keep ya updated! But this Gospel is truly the best and for sure True!! It's so awesome to see first hand that it truly changes peoples lives for the best! I love being out here! At first I was homesick, but now thinking of leaving, even my area alone, makes me Mission sick! I am thankful for all the things that I am learning, thanks for all the support from everyone at home!! You're all so awesome!! So keep up the good work!! Love ya all tons!!! 
Love Elder Conrow 

Pictures: A huge fish I ate, sister Lopez who is going home, and them some people from my Zone! 

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